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Code-review really can make or break your team. I have seen code reviews "in meeting room" that were printing 30-50 pages, sitting in a meeting room without computers, asking developer to comment written code page by page. Yes it is useful, especially once in a big while with external adviser. The problems:

And then there's question of code quality. I believe in

that saying politely is how much strange pieces the code has. (ref2)

Code review with GitHub PR

GitHub made great step forward with Pull Request. Yes, looking on the code before merging is actually code review.

It is awesome for distributed team, especially in different time zone, when you can't do a call and share screen.

But when sitting together in the same room do LCT

Let's commit together 让我们一起提交

Before committing I am looking for a team mate to look at my code for 3-5 minutes. Anyone free to sit in front of PC. Then by using IDE to show code changes, I go through them and explain what was the goal and why it is done this way. If there's no question we commit. If there are questions we add notes as comments and still commit. If there are big problem we don't commit, but it never happens because we ask questions during the day when in doubt.

How to review LCT

within Agile

LCT is done 1-2 time per developer, as everyone is advised to finish and commit at the end of day. On the morning stand-up I will repeat what I did (I just practiced presenting yesterday) and who reviewed.

Lead by example.

Good luck! 祝你好运!

Paul Verest 伟保罗

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